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A fluffy multi-coloured boy who is Banana Joe's best friend. Tobias is obsessed with sports and winning, and is used to getting whatever he wants, considering that his parents are wealthy. Tobias considers himself to be a jock, although he is actually quite puny. Tobias and Gumball have a bit of a rivalry after Darwin gave Tobias ten dollars if he became friends with him. Tobias


Tobias is a fluffy multi colored creature.


Tobias is arrogant and thinks he is the best athlete in Elmore Junior High. But he, like formerly Gumball, likes Penny.



He is Tobias' rival, though they are sometimes seen as friends. In The Club, he plays games with Gumball. In the episode The Third, he became Gumball's former best friend and Darwin's best friend. But Gumball got jealous of Tobias in The Storm.

Banana Joe

Tobias and Banana Joe seem to be good friends.


Darwin is Tobias' former best friend since the episode The Third.


In The Knights, it is shown that he has a crush on her.


Rachael is Tobias' older sister.

Mrs. Wilson

Tobias' mother who's tied up by Tobias who's bad.